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The latest Rockadrome/Vintage release is the HOOKER- "Rock and Roll" CD, featuring classic dual guitar Texas hard rock sounds from Houston area group..

Also coming up soon on Rockadrome/Vintage label is the reissue of Cain's second album, Stinger, from 1977 and a collection of unreleased material from 70s hard rock group Stepson!

Other upcoming releases from the Rockadrome label include Sainte Anthony's Fyre on CD/LP, Stepson on CD/LP, Aftershave on CD/LP, Cain on CD, Truth and Janey CD and vinyl reissues of Winterhawk - Revival, After Shave - Skin Deep, Sainte Anthony's Fyre, Iron Claw, Truth and Janey - Erupts and much more!!


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Coming soon from Rockadrome's VINTAGE label!

SAINTE ANTHONY'S FYRE- S/T CD/LP (ROCK039-V-2 / ROCK/LION041-V-1) Official reissue of this ultra-rare underground wasted hard rock classic private press record from 1970, originally released on the Zonk! label. Wild, loud, raw New Jersey hard psych beast that’s been a favorite target of record collectors, dealers, aficionados and swamp dwellers for the past few decades. Cd booklet contains lyrics, photos, liner notes and press clippings. Vinyl reissue comes with a poster and insert.

The bible of underground psych rock, Acid Archives, says this about it: “This legendary private press is rated as one of the ultimate local basement hard rock blowouts by many connoisseurs. Released as early as 1970, the end result has some similarities to MC5′s hallowed Kick out the Jams, but I find this a superior and more powerful album.”

Popular UK magazine that’s majors in all things 60s and psychedelic, Shindig!, proclaims: “a masterpiece of zonked out, fuzz-drenched hard rock.”

“Super rare 1970 album by this ass burning, heavy '70s U.S. acid rock trio. Savage guitar and vocals that rip through the speakers contributing to a mega-rare slice of fiery ear candy.” - Freak Emporium


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The Rockadrome label and it's in-house labels Vintage and Forged in Fire, feature releases from Anvil Chorus, Legend, Winterhawk, Icecross, Automag, WatchTower, After shave, Ultra, Ashbury, BillyLee Janey, Truth and Janey, Human Instinct, Jerusalem, Iron Claw, Negative Space , Slauter Xstroyes, Oho, Mary Butterworth with more on the way from Sainte Anthony's Fyre, Toad, Hooker, J. Teal Band and more!

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